Reswitched Weekly 8

Hello and welcome to Reswitched Weekly, a weekly summary of the progress made by the reswitched team and wider community around homebrew development for the Nintendo Switch.

Too much happened this week. Lots of releases.

What happened

  • @SciresM confirmed TZhax working on 1.0.0-3.x. This means complete system access on those firmwares. (Do not use that excuse to upgrade your switch. Lower versions will get stuff faster, and lower is still better. Each time a Switch gets updated, a puppy dies).
  • A new Nintendo Switch emulator, yuzu, made its appearance. It is open source, made by the same team as citra, is able to run homebrew (though not at playable speed), and has a neat GDB stub debugger! Should make for a nice Mephisto replacement.
  • @3Daniel’s documentation work got merged. The libtransistor documentation is now live.
  • @roblabla’s first batch of SwIPC documentation work got merged. PR
  • @corenting fixed various python script in libtransistor to work with both Py2 and Py3. PR

What people are working on

  • @Daeken started porting the Linux4Tegra GPU driver.
  • @dvdfreitag is finishing up his C++ work
  • @misson20000 is working on implementing hb-abi, which will allow libnx and libtransistor to stay compatible. PR
  • @roblabla is working on further SwIPC improvements in regards to docs. PR

Call for participation

Lots of things could be implemented properly into libtransistor/newlib without much more reverse-engineering. If you’re a developer and want to give a hand, make sure to hop on Discord so we can coordinate work. Also, if you feel like you need mentoring notes on some of those tasks, feel free to ping @roblabla on discord, I can write up what needs to be done, and guide you through the process:

  • Documentation! Enhancing the libtransistor docs, and documenting all the SwIPC methods! We need to make it easy for people to know what each function does.
  • Joystick support in SDL2!
  • Implementing more services into libtransistor. We’re lacking a bunch of things like USB support and whatnot.
  • Thread Local Storage, by implementing emutls.
  • Port apps and libraries. Make sure they work! We have graphics and audio, the sky is the limit!
Written on January 17, 2018