Reswitched Weekly 7

Hello and welcome to Reswitched Weekly, a weekly summary of the progress made by the reswitched team and wider community around homebrew development for the Nintendo Switch.

This week, not a whole lot has happened. Lots of work going on behind the scenes, while everyone is waiting for nvace.

What people are working on

  • @vgmoose finished his Space Game port for the switch. Check it out.
  • Lots of people are hard at work trying to make various RetroArch emulator cores work with libtransistor.
  • @3Daniel is working on setting up Doxygen documentation.
  • @kgsws is working on his multiplayer doom port.
  • @roblabla is busy trying to find a way to get backtraces to debug his numerous crashes.

What happened in the broader community

  • @GovanifY implemented the ldr:ro crash (first revealed in 34C3) in pegaswitch. It allowing dumping the sysmodules’ code ! He wrote an easy-to-read writeup of the vulnerability, check it out ! And here’s the associated Pull Request for pegaswitch. (Note that it’s for 2.0.0-consoles only right now, but it could be extended to any version < 3.0.0).

Call for participation

Lots of things could be implemented properly into libtransistor/newlib without much more reverse-engineering. If you’re a developer and want to give a hand, make sure to hop on Discord so we can coordinate work. Also, if you feel like you need mentoring notes on some of those tasks, feel free to ping @roblabla on discord, I can write up what needs to be done, and guide you through the process :

  • Joystick support in SDL2 !
  • Implementing more services into libtransistor. We’re lacking a bunch of things like USB support and whatnot.
  • Thread Local Storage, by implementing emutls.
  • Port apps and libraries. Make sure they work ! We have graphics and audio, the sky is the limit !
Written on January 11, 2018